Business Growth

For businesses serious about profit

What is Business GROWTH
and why does it matter?

We believe growth is the aim of every business owner. Every service within our Growth package exists to help businesses achieve this – solid growth.

We will make sure you have all the right financial information in your hand to make the right strategic decisions for the growth of your business.

Having regular meetings and then analyzing and utilizing real-time financial data (rather than historical data) is like having a financial director on the board of your company. We will be the financial director that every company needs but is not big enough to afford.

We will be your Virtual FD every step of the way. Business owners or directors become more productive once the responsibility of financial management is transferred to someone else.

We will work with you to interpret, analyze then utilize your business numbers. Forecasts, management accounts and cash flow analysis will help you map your planning, accurately, and benchmarking and commercial valuations will indicate business performance within your industry. We will provide SOLID advice on how to address issues and stimulate growth.

Who is this for?

GROWTH is for businesses that are serious in their plans to expand or at the very least, increase their profit margins. It is for companies that want a Financial Director on board to monitor the financial performance of the company and be able to make strategic decisions. It is for companies with ambition.

What do we do and how do we do it?

Here’s a list of services within our GROWTH bundle (which will also include everything listed in our COMPLIANCE and TAX bundles).

  • Business Valuation – We will carry out a commercial valuation of your business
  • Benchmarking Review – We will carry out a detailed benchmarking review to measure the performance of your business against other businesses within your sector. Our report will highlight those areas where improvements can be made to your profitability and cash flow position.
  • Quarterly or Monthly Management Accounts – We will prepare management accounts from your accounting records, including graphical and ratio analysis.
  • 12-month cash flow and profit forecast – We will prepare a 12-month cash flow and profit and loss forecasts, broken down month by month. This will be in a format suitable for presentation to your bank manager.

If you have any questions about any of our services,
just get in contact and ask!