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B1G1: Buy One Give One

A simple idea sharing the joy of giving − every second, every day and in every way…

B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) was founded in 2007 when a group of business owners like you realised it was too difficult to give back effectively while running their own businesses.

We believed that if giving was made simple, easy and truly impactful, every business would want to give and make a difference.

And we imagined a new world:

Imagine if every time you had a meal, a hungry child received a meal… or imagine if every time you had a cup of coffee, someone received access to life-saving water… or imagine if every time you bought a book, a tree got planted…

Today, B1G1 is headquartered in Singapore, working with nearly 1,000 businesses from more than 20 countries. Our BUSINESS FOR GOOD members have created over 30 million micro-giving impacts.