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Tax Question of the Week – Statutory Maternity Pay

Q: We have an employee who is being made redundant and is entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP). Do we have to continue paying SMP after the redundancy?   A: The simple answer is yes, as for an employee receiving SMP at the time they are made redundant the...

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Tax Question of the Week – Hotel Deposits

Q: I have to frequently stay in hotels when I'm on business trips. The hotel takes a deposit at the time of booking with the balance of the cost paid over when the stay takes place. Sometimes my plans, or those of my customers change and I have to cancel the booking...

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Tax Question of the Week – Uniforms

Q: Am I correct about the possibility of claiming relief for the expenses of cleaning of clothing that I wear in my role in nightclub security? I have heard that there are flat rate expenses that employees are able to claim.   A: You are correct in that HMRC have...

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Tax Question of the Week – Brexit From a VAT Perspective

Q: I have a small manufacturing business and all of my trade is with the EU.  With Brexit on the horizon, how will this affect the business?   A: Unless all member states agree to an extension, the UK leaves the EU on 30 March 2019. The UK intends to leave the EU...

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Tax Question of the Week – Class 4 NIC Changes

Q: I understand that Class 2 NIC is finally being abolished from 6 April 2019. This means that self-employed with losses or low profits who want to protect their state pension contribution record will have to pay Class 3 contributions which are considerably more...

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