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Tax Question of the Week – Sale Of Trading Premises

Q: I own a limited company which purchased a new commercial property in November 2008 for £500,000 + VAT. We have occupied the property since then for its fully taxable trading activity and recovered the VAT charged on its 08/09 return. We did not opt to tax and no...

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Tax Question of the Week – Zero-rated Exports

Q: I own a UK VAT-registered company that sells gym equipment and have made a sale to another UK VAT-registered business.  However, the customer has requested to ship the goods directly to their customer based in Switzerland. Can I zero-rate this sale as we are...

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Tax Question of the Week – Trading Allowance

Q: I have been reading about a tax exemption called the trading allowance. What is this and how does it work?  For example is the new trading allowance of £1,000 in relation to gross receipts or the profit amount?   A: Finance Act (No. 2) 2017 introduced £1,000...

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